Did someone say live audio? 🎙| #004

The story continues... (and has a new character! 👀)

It’s that time again! 📩

You know the drill, here’s the TL;DR:

🥳 Brand New Website!!

🎙 Peek into the live-audio feature on Peek

📰 Monzo love us

👋🏾 Say hello to Ojima our UI/UX Intern

📈 So many of you on the waitlist + more

🥳 Our New Website :

We’ve got a brand new home on the web for you all, we’ve given our old website a face lift. Let us know what you think 👇🏾

We’re very excited to take you on this journey as we continue to develop the product this year, so here's a sneak Peek 👀 into some more upcoming features…

🎙 Non-Live/Pre-Recorded Audio Feature:

So last time we showed you the e-reader, let's take a peek into how we help you read between the lines! Our MVP users will notice that this feature has had a significant facelift!

As we read, so many things come to our minds that we eventually may forget when discussing the books with people. Leaving a ‘Peek’ helps you with this - you highlight the line you love and then you're able to actually leave voice notes (or comments) that your friends can respond to in threads.

This way you’re able to capture your feelings and emotions as soon as a character in the book you’re reading goes completely nuts (where was this app when I was reading Game of Thrones 🤬 ) and banter/argue with friends in these threads, record your insights and revelations when reading spiritual or self-help books, or even if you and your friends want to break down concepts whilst reading academically, Peek is for everyone!

🎙 Live Audio Feature:

One of the most popular pieces of feedback was how cool it would be to discuss your books via live audio! Live audio (or synchronous audio for the posh people reading this ☕️) is super convenient because you can discuss your books with others without looking at your phone.

Listen in on a conversation with your favourite author, booktoker, bookstagrammer and friends, as you butter toast, take a walk or get cosy in bed. We've built this feature in such a way that you can always see who's talking. And of course, you can still have your side chats whilst this all happens.

We know loads of apps are going crazy with the live audio feature but truthfully those only provide spaces for you to discuss topics. Peek allows you to read the books with each other and discuss the book all in the same space.

🏦 Monzo love us

Early this month we got some coverage for Peek from Monzo! (the amazing photos were taken by our very own Josiah Hyacinth who you’ll meet soon 👀)

We use Monzo Business for our banking needs in the UK and so it was cool to speak about our relationship and how helpful they are. They had even more to say so they wrote an article on their site and running some ads on it so give us a shout if you see us online! (This is how we feel atm 😎)

👋🏾 Say hello to Ojima Stanley

  • Ojima has joined us on a 2-month internship to help us with on Peek’s UX/UI front and has been the mastermind behind our graphics and some of the new screens you’ll be seeing!

  • He’s a designer with a creative problem-solving approach to create products and experiences.

  • He has a background in Fine Arts

  • Ojima also began free teaching engagements on product designing for the sake of knowledge sharing in his immediate ecosystem

  • Have a look at his portfolio

Hear from him briefly below:

🚀 Thank you for all the love!

We've now crossed the 1000 milestone on our waitlist!!

Elsewhere we've just passed 400 on Instagram and 155 on Twitter! It's heartwarming to know that so many of you are eager to join us on this journey.

With love,

The Peek Family 🧡


🏆 Book of the Month:Klara and The Sun

Klara is a sentient being: entirely self-possessed, thoughtful & empathetic. A warm hearted novel that will make you think about the nature of consciousness - and it’s perfect for this time of year

📚 Push for Publishers: We're working hard to get as many books on Peek as possible when we launch. Who would you like to see? If you're a publisher yourself, let's make it happen, reach out to agency@joinpeek.io