Peek Newsletter #002

The story continues... 📖

Welcome to the Peek’s 2nd Monthly Newsletter 🥳

We know a lot of you are inundated with emails so here’s the TL;DR

  • Our Founder Deborah took us through and won the Pioneer competition!

  • We’ve fixed a lot of bugs from the early version and added some features based on your feedback i.e. being able to add profile pictures to your club.

We’re very excited to take you on this journey as we continue to develop the product this year and so here we are with some more Peek updates!

🐞 Bugs & Fixes:

  1. Notifications! One of our most requested pieces of feedback was to introduce notifications to remind you all to keep going strong.

    We won’t be as annoying as Houseparty (maybe that’s why they disappeared), as we’ll only send you a notification in the morning and evening.

    We are currently working on push notifications which you’ll receive when someone interacts with your Peek

  2. You should no longer need to pull to refresh to see the most recent Peeks left in your feed as this will happen automatically.

  3. We know that everybody makes mistakes, so we’re allowing you a do-over! The team have built out the “edit” and “delete” functions for Peeks.

  4. The Peek feature should now be working on all the books on the app, please let us know if you still encounter any that still fight back and we’ll work to fix this asap (I’ve heard, the Peek teamwork are said to work harder than Kris Jenner)

  5. The famous “Go to my location” has returned! When you open up a Peek from the feed, you’ll see a box in the top right corner that allows you to go back to the page you were in when reading the book. Handy tool :)

  6. You’re now able to change the profile picture of your book club.

We have now closed the Beta to focus on building for the next stage.

But we will still allow in any referrals from you :)

Top Read:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book has been holding some of our book clubs by the neck! Amongst the “Mmmm”s and “ahhhh”s, we have seen loads of conversations being held about the consequences of repeated actions.

For those of you who haven’t read, here’s a segment from the blurb;

“People think when you want to change your life, you need to think big. But world-renowned habits expert James Clear has discovered another way. He knows that real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions – doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes earlier, or reading just one more page. He calls them atomic habits.’

Let’s hope you all develop a new habit of reading every day on Peek!

🗓 Peek of the Month:

Joshua and Debs conversation in, ‘The Power of Habits’ by Charles Dugg.

Has the battle for privacy online already been lost?

Public Club of the Month:

This month we got to give it to Jan’s Book Club, so meet the owner, Janita:

  • What is Jan’s Book Club about?

    • ‘My Book Club is a space for people to Peek freely. Whether it be through emoji’s or elaborate paragraphs, Jan’s Book Club is a place for you to communicate your thoughts the way you want!’

    What's your favourite book?

    • ‘My favourite book at the moment has to be Atomic Habits by James Clear. I found the book on Peek and instantly became addicted to it. I’ve started adopting techniques from the book into my daily routine and it’s been really motivating to see advice from the book play out in real life.’

    What's your favourite hobby other than reading on Peek?

    • ‘Since the last lockdown, I started volunteering with Tamil groups and initiatives. There’s nothing like learning about your heritage culture and supporting your community 🙌🏾 I’ve come across a lot of insightful Tamil reads, and it would be great to access these through Peek one day.’

    Who should join your book club?

    • ‘Anyone and Everyone! The more diverse my members are, the more thought-provoking discussions we can have. We’re currently reading non-fiction self-help/motivation/life type reads - so if you want to improve your life and share your thoughts with like-minded people, this is the book club for you 🤓’

    One feature you’d love to see on a future Peek update?

    • ‘A feature where you can have live discussions about the book via voice chat 🗣’

  • ⚡️ Next Up: 

  • Our top priority is to continue to ensure that you can successfully leave peeks on ALL books on the platform. There are a few stragglers left that we’re fighting to fix! (Let’s pray the Bible book is fixed!)

  • Us right now:

  • New users will get a tutorial of how to use Peek just so it's SUPER clear.

  • Some of you may be wondering who exactly the real ‘Debs (your Founder!) and Emmanuel (Community @ Peek) are! So keep an eye out on your inboxes for a tell-all exposé on the duo, a ‘peek into Peek’ if you like 😏. If you’re lucky, you may even get a little picture featuring one of Emmanuel’s famous trims!

Next steps for you:

1 - Continue to read the books we have available on the platform, from start to finish (remember the lessons you learned in Atomic Habits!) with a club, leaving Peeks along the way! 

2 - Remember to give us feedback on the app or any features you would like to see here

3 - Let us know if you’re in an official or unofficial book club. As our next step in terms of growth will be onboarding and receiving feedback from communities that are already built

With love 🧡,

Debs & Emmanuel

Get reading 📚  . Get talking 🗣  . Get paid  💸.