Peek Newsletter #003

The story continues 📖

Welcome to the Peek’s 3rd Bi-Weekly Newsletter 🥳

We know your inboxes are already jam-packed so here’s the TL;DR:

  • We’re working hard to rebuild Peek to reflect your feedback + show you what it’s currently looking like

  • Emmanuel got on to BeOnDeck’s Community Builder Fellowship

  • Find out more about this month’s Club of the Month below

We’re very excited to take you on this journey as we continue to develop the product this year, so here we are with some more Peek updates! ... So here's a sneak Peek 👀

🎨 Sneak Peek at the new build:

We’re very excited to take you on this journey as we continue to develop the product this year, so here we are with some more Peek updates! ... So here's a sneak Peek 👀

This month:

📖 The e-reader:

We received a ton of useful feedback on our scrappy MVP e-reader– A popular point raised was that it didn’t show you how far along you were in the books you were reading. So I guess you can say you were reading into the abyss–– which we can imagine, really doesn’t help your motivation!

Beyond that, we also heard your cries about the varying font sizes on the various books you read. It’s 2021! You should definitely be able to get your preferred fonts & text sizes...So we're making it happen! The MVP users among you will remember how frustrating it was when you took a break whilst reading a good book, only to come back and realise that you’ve lost track of where you are, due to Peek taking you back to the start of the book...

So we made a few changes.

You know when the book has too many gems and you can't highlight it all? Well, now you can search for keywords and phrase with the new search feature!

Are you a Bill Gates level reader? Then breeze through your books in grid mode, brighten up your highlights with various colours & get deeper into the plot, with our new dark mode!

We can’t wait to show it to you, so do let us know what else you would love to see in the new build!

🚀 Be On Deck X Peek

Emmanuel was recently awarded a place on BeOnDeck’s inaugural community builders fellowship! What’s that and how’s it going to help?

“The Community Builders Fellowship is an 8-week remote program where fellows learn how to create communities, get them off the ground, and sustain the magic as they scale. We're taking everything we learned building the On Deck community to help you supercharge your own.”

BeOnDeck is spearheaded by Erik Torengberg, Jullian Weisser and David Booth as a space where top talent and ideas are nurtured through expert-led programs and a mission-driven community.

Here’s what Emmanuel has to say:

“It's been amazing helping build our community to what it is today, so much so that I’ve signed up for an opportunity that will teach me how to strengthen and serve our community here at Peek whilst we scale. The On Deck Community Builders Fellowship is an amazing chance for me to learn from some of the very best in the industry as we begin to build what will be the largest home for readers on the web!”

🏆 Club of the Month:

This month we’ve got to give it to Ayoola’s Book Club, so meet the owner, Ayoola:

  • What is Ayoola’s Book Club about?

It is a space to read things that stretch your world view. If I could sum it up in one word I’d say “Growth”. The club will be exploring some incredible writers from Bernadine Evaristo to Ocean Vuong.

  • What is your favourite book?

The invisible woman. I love how we are forced to see the world from a different vantage point, the stories, the data. The call to action is loud and clear.

  • What is your favourite hobby other than reading on Peek?

During lockdown I really got into mobile games. I love a bit of Asphalt 8. I will pepper anybody on iMessage games especially connect 4 😂

  • Who should join your book club?

Anyone who is open to having their world view challenged, shattered and reformed.

  • One feature you’d love to see on a future peek update?

I would love to be able to have real time book club meetings where we can discuss the book we read, our learnings, themes we struggled with or resonated with and how we can leverage the learnings to improve our lives and those of people around us. We could even use it for silent reading time to help keep everyone on pace and improve reading habits . It would make for fun things like inviting the author to answer questions about the book which would be fireeeee 🔥 🔥 🔥

Next steps for you:

1 - Continue to read the books we have available on the platform, from start to finish with a club, leaving Peeks along the way! 

2 - Remember to give us feedback on the app or any features you would like to see here ✅

3 - Let us know if you’re in an official or unofficial book club. As our next step in terms of growth will be onboarding and receiving feedback from communities that are already built

With love 🧡,


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